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It’s a Blickensderfer No. 5

January 10, 2011

This Blickensderfer is quite likely the funkiest typewriter ever, no less in appearance than name.* It’s like someone designed the non-QWERTY skeleton then wandered off (later models were screwed to a block of varnished wood like pinned butterflies).  I wonder what sorts of things were written with it?  I imagine someone banging out angry letters to the editor with three calloused fingers.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to own one.  My redoubtable Smith-Corona doesn’t have near as much … personality.

Visit The Classic Typewriter Page : Antique Typewriters

*Blickensderfer is from the Swiss German, after the Swiss town Blickensdorf. George Blickensderfer was a rather talented inventor born in Pennsylvania in 1850.

the new franklin typewriter
Update: I did not intend to slight the beautifully bizarre New Franklin. I am in love with such idiosyncrasies, while also glad the mainstream did not follow.

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